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Who you are when no one is watching….


Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.
John Wooden


Character, what is it? It is hard work, at least I think so. What do I do when no one knows? Do I stick to my words? Do I do what I say I will do? Do I have integrity in my life? Do I strive for what is good and right? Can I do something extra at work someday and help someone in need? Do I speak the truth or do I lie to get out of the situation looking good? Do I accept others for who they are without judging?              Is it enough to just look like I am good? To pretend that everything is well? And of course I am a good human being, that just want to be accepted by people around me, and if they think I am good then I must be good enough…. I follow other people even if I do not agree, comprise with what I know is right just to be accepted in the group…or?

I have been given some thought to this subject over the last week as I am working mostly by myself and no one necessarily knows what I am doing.  And the thoughts developed to all things in life… there are many situations where I can either choose a good character or bad….. I could easily choose not to do anything at work…. but that`s when this thing called Consciousness kicks inn… (and luckily I still have one)           I want to stick to my word and do a good job even if no one notice? Yes, that is my answer, is it easy? NO! The temptation that no one knows or sees is an easy distraction. Only I know my own consciousness, I know what is right, but sticking to it is difficult. Weird, hu? In the world today, it`s ok to say a little lie here and there, it`s ok to take a little money under the table, it`s ok to not include everyone because we decides who gets a chance to have friends or not, we judge who is a nice person and who is not without know them, we are so quick to judge others, but we often forget to take a good look at ourselves at times….me included in the list.

I want to live in honesty, integrity, diligence, gratefulness, acceptance, meekness, self-control, responsibility, and on it goes:) For more words you can visit:

Yepp, I have still much to learn! Have a good weekendlog-eye-cartoon














Bergen- 1 Year <3 and Birthday

Bergen oh nice Bergen! We chose the right time for our trip..sun sun sun and sun, I could not ask for more. Spending time with my wonderful family was absolutely great! I have a great and fun family, I could not have a better one:) Party, food, candy, fellowship, mountain trip was on the menu. When you have 2 people that have birthday with 3 days in between, you celebrate the whole way through! David, my sister and her husband surprised me for my birthday with a trip out in the forest and they had invited some of my cousins to come in the evening to celebrate. I had so much fun and I enjoyed not having to plan my own birthday:) The greatest gift of all was a ticket to see Norway- Netherlands in Kalmar the 14th July in the Womans Euro Cup. Thank You David!


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David and I celebrated our anniversary of dating for 1 year at Fløyen, with the view over the most beautiful city. Also we went on a kids treasure hunt, which was quite enjoyable and fun.  I like the simplicity of things and you are never to old to enjoy simple games:)

Image (4) Image

The four days when by so fast and I wish I could stay there longer, but I guess that have to be another time. When I go home is like I leave the “world” and enter a whole different one, not thinking at all of what I should do or think about work. I felt totally refreshed and ready for work and daily life again even that it is hard to get back and bring your mind back into business. Ones in a while it is good to completely rest and get out of “normal” things. 🙂  Now I am looking forward to a great week, and having a great Friend come and visit next weekend!

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Just do it…

Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. -Lou Holtz

Alright, I have ability to do many things, but sometimes I lack motivation and attitude…. This week has been a busy week but a good one, I needed some motivation and attitude in my work.    I have realized that there is a lot to do when you have 6 different cars and vans to look after, and not to mention the loads of paper work:) I was determined  to make it through the  vehicle folder that no one has looked at the past years I think, and I did it!Throwing away papers and making a system that is nice and easy to look at. I did well! Image (5)

I have also been at bilprovningen 3 times, 2 cars failed and one past…oh the fun with cars 🙂 It`s a never ending job…

Today on my day off,  it was a slow start… You know the feeling when you do not actually want to do something, other that just sitting inside doing nothing? Because when you look out the window you get discourage because it is snowing! and its wind, and its cold, and what to do? That was exactly what I was thinking. But then I just thought; “well, there are glimpse of sunlight, and maybe its not so bad to go out. I should go 10Km trip on my bike…. JUST DO IT! So I did it. It was cold at times, I had brain freezes  and I thought the wind would blow me backwards, but it went fine and at times it was nice warm sunlight hitting my face! When I almost was home, I remembered that I had one van at the mechanics in Ljungskile and it should be picked up today! oh no… then I thought; what the heck, I`ll bike there and get it…. what is an extra 10Km??? So yes I got a good exercise today, now I am tired but satisfied because I have a sense of accomplishment and that is satisfying to me… I just needed some discipline to just do it…

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.
Jim Rohn 

IMG_1668IMG_1671IMG_1678 IMG_1688


How can one forget how much fun and how refreshing it is to be outside in the nature? The business of life can easily catch up with you and you forget where you spent most of your childhood. I am from the generation which did not have cellphones before we where 15-16 years old, or had our own laptop. But we had cassette players and disk-man…  We were not allowed to sit inside to play playstation or computers for more than an hour or two. Me and my friends where outside playing football or being in the forest climbing trees, playing hid and seek, building huts,  or simply just going for an adventure to see what we could find. IMG_1661

So today I packed my bag for some adventure out in the forest. It was the perfect day…or almost…the sun was shining, hardly any wind but still a little chilly. Normally when I take a walk I don`t care much of where I walk… the most exciting is to walk where there are no path. You never know where you will end up or what you will find! It`s so refreshing. And then after a while you need to navigate and see if you can find your way back…. There is a challenge in that and I like it. I found a great spot for my awesome hammock that I got for Christmas, and that`s where I made my “camp”. Since it was a little chilly I decided to challenge myself in some tree climbing. That is also very exciting and I used to do a lot of that as a Kid. I used to climb anything I could find! You can always get up a tree, but there is always a challenge to get down…. But today it was evident that I have become some years older since I sometimes stopped to think ” is this a good idea? Maybe not!” As of before I would go to the top and have major difficulties of getting back down…. Did you know that it is good for your brain to climb trees or go places you have never been? It is Refreshing for your brain:) Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties. Erich Fromm 

As I always say to myself….I need to get out more! I love it! And I do like my own company:) One good day!

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A twelve course meal, at Davide Palluda’s resturant

Oh yes we, me, my brother and sister in law went out to eat in one of the most fancy resturantes in the near by town Canale, all’ Enoteca. Me and Kristian ordered a six course surprise short menue, but it ended in total to be twelve!! Short? Surprise meal is apperently that the chef just desides what he wants to do, the people serving had no idea either what we would be served. After the 5th plates on the table we started to wonder if we ordered wrong menue, so we asked the man serving, he just laught and said the chef just throws in a few extra things as he wants. No wonder it ended to be twelve. We ate for 3 hours + and left at 23.45:)

I have no idea of what everything was, but it was some fish things, tuna, liver from goose, and other interresting things:) i got to strech my food tasting….an experience of a life time!! We got to talk to the famous Davide and a picture was taken:) did I mention he is a friend of Eyvind Hellstrøm?
I had a great time!!!















Italy hotel and family life:)


Life is good in Italy! I’ve had two really nice days so far with very warm weather:)
It’s nice to hang out with my family in these beautiful surroundings. Its fun and somehow relaxing to play with the small ones, a little intense sometimes but its mostly fun. Kids are funny, and they can still teach you a lot;)
There is a swimming pool close by, lots of vineyards, small cute towns, and good food.
I bet I will enjoy the next days as they come! Perfect vacation.




This morning at 09 we, me and my brother whent to taste some wine to buy for the hotel. It was a great experiece, with some good tastes early in the morning:) i like the Italian life for sure!




I’ll be back with more pictures and updates;)

Kayaking not my thing…

I wish I could enjoy it more, but no. I thought it would be more fun but no… I can`t find the tecnique and I got so tired in my arms, I can`t believe it. But it is ok. It is kind of nice to out on the sea, but not when you have to keep up with the others that are kayaking as well… I rather go another time with only people I know, and not be in a hurry…but I guess I will wait for quite a while before I do it again:)  I enjoy using my feet more in activities:)ImageImage

Today I got to experience a reall Swedish “midsommar” with my friend Frida. I have been wondering what it looks like and what it is to dance around the summer pole and sing about frogs and stuff. I really enjoyed it., why they sing about frogs, pigs and christmas songs when they go around the pole I still don`t get….:) but fun it was. They also had games and stuff like we have on our national day… so it looked a bit the same. I got to meet many nice people, have BBQ, play with the kids and just enjoy a special swedish day! I am so so happy I got to join in the celebration with other swedish families. Joy in my heart… I like Sweden:) There are some great people around! Image

Now I`m really looking forward to summer break! only 2 more weeks of work and then I will go home sweet home Bergen!!!! I LIKE! Image


Kayaking with a “blind passenger”

Kayaking in Ljungskile

Summer time:)

Long time no writing…. maybe it`s about time?

Many things have happen since last`s been some busy months around here. The football season has started and we are doing great..right now we are in 2nd place and its really much fun playing! I LOVE IT:)

Other than football life is good and a bit challenging… I have got a handsome boy friend; he enriches my life, I love that summer has come and I enjoy the warmth the sun is giving, the challenging part of life is prioritising what is important and how to make the best use of the time I have gotten. Not always so easy for a restless person like me who wants to do EVERYTHING…but a person who is also in need of time for my self and rest:) So I am still learning to balance life = work and relationships.. I have been a bit tired lately and some loss of motivation but I feel that is coming back, and I am happy that my relationship to Jesus is not bound by rules but falling in love with him, that is a big difference. Everything is build on a relationship, I like that.

I love the song from Jason gray; More like falling in love

Give me rules
I will break them
Show me lines
I will cross them
I need more than a truth to believe
I need a truth that lives, moves, and breathes
To sweep me off my feet
It ought to be

More like falling in love
Than something to believe in
More like losing my heart
Than giving my allegiance
Caught up, called out
Come take a look at me now

It’s like I’m falling, oh
It’s like I’m falling in love

Give me words
I’ll misuse them
I’ll misplace them
‘Cause all religion ever made of me
Was just a sinner with a stone tied to my feet
It never set me free
It’s gotta be

Deeper and deeper
It was love that made
Me a believer
In more than a name, a faith, a creed
Falling in love with Jesus brought the change in me.

We had a cowboy spring party at the campus.. a lot of fun:)

I live in one of the most beautiful places!

My sister Ragnhild was here visiting some weeks ago, we had good times together with our fellow friend Ingelin:)

My Friend Kristin is here and I like that too!!!!

Hopefully I will write in not to long…. Need to get back at it:) Enjoy the summer!

Mountain, sun, people & fun


Being in Bergen has been a great encouragement! I have met great people, time to “relax” a little, and enjoy the mountain view in the sun:) people, family, fotball, sun, food, dance, driving, sleep, church = a GREAT weekend! Tomorrow I’m flying east again, refreshed and encouraged…